Hello! First, I want to say thank you for showing interest in Beauty Unveiled Studios. It truly means the world to us that you are even considering working with us. We love creating with you as the Art.
My name is Jessica Kallenbach and one of my passions is to make women feel beautiful and glamorous! I have had the honor of operating BU for over eleven years. I not only like to make women feel glamorous on the outside, but also love to celebrate who they are deep within! I know that so many women today don’t take the time to do things for themselves, they rush around, rarely letting their hearts soar with excitement and always putting themselves on the back burner.  Beauty Unveiled Studios is an experience that I have created to bring the joy of being a woman back to the heart of so many ladies. To encourage all the things that make our hearts as women soar! Being a confident woman, celebrating you, showing you just how beautiful you are, being pampered and cherished…if you desire these things then a Beauty Unveiled experience is just the thing for you!!
I provide an incredibly relaxing environment for you to get pampered in while having your hair and make up done by me.  We travel all over to make sure you have the best photo day. If your dream shoot is outside in a dream like land /a city/ water shoot/ something in your home we make it happen for you.  At Beauty Unveiled, we have so many ideas/options/wardrobe and accessories to help you explore your personality and beauty!
I began Beauty Unveiled Studios on January 6, 2012 with a simple dream in my heart from God.  I had a passion to be an encouragement to women in who they are! I love to bring out the glam woman you are and to see you smile when you see your photos! I love meeting all of you and starting new friendships all along the way!
I promise that you will be 100% satisfied with your pictures and your experience at Beauty Unveiled Studios! You can read over 130 + reviews on google to hear it from others as well!
BU Offers More: I love to capture your special moments. Whether it’s your wedding kiss, renewal service, couples or senior portraits, your childs first moments, maternity pictures, engagements, special events and so much more! Any event that you want captured as a permanent work of art for you to enjoy throughout your life…I can do!
Just a few things that I would like to share with you about myself:
* I am 38 years old and enjoying life to the fullest!
* I am very happily married for almost 20 years to the most amazing man in the whole world!
*I am very passionate in life about the following: God and walking with Jesus daily in a very real way, Marriage and life with my love, Gardening is such a Fascination , listening to people share their hearts, crafts, crochetting, paining, music , art and so much more!!! I have a page on fb and Ig all about nature and gardening with my photography as well. My hubby runs a group called Cross and compass that will be sure to encourage you. We have a community of pages online: Captivated by him, Beauty Unveiled Ladies Lounge, Nature of Joy group, Skullhillbladecraft, Jessicas’ plant passion and much more more. Click this link so you wont miss a thing: https://linktr.ee/Beautyunveiledstudios
* I love to be creative and bless others with that creativity!
* I love to encourage women to be beautiful/radiant and to live every day with their beauty unveiled and to not be ashamed of it.
* I love being a girly girl, fashion, makeup, hair and all that come with it!
* I love to enjoy life and live it to the fullest every day! To be thankful always for every second of my life!
Thanks for checking out my page! I look forward to working with you :)- One more reminder before you go, don’t miss out on all the pages. You will be so encouraged if you check them out.
We would love it if you would check out all the pages we run!!! We have encouragement pages , nature pages, youtubes, Instagram pages and so much more. Click this link to see it all: https://linktr.ee/Beautyunveiledstudios
Blessings and LOVE,
Please reach out to my ay 678-361-6881 
Me and My Beloved 🙂
                                               Gardening Love


                                          Jessicas’ Plant Market



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  1. I’m enjoying looking at your work it’s beautiful sexy I should say I’m 19 I wouldn’t Mind having you take some if me cause I’m use of taking pictures myself

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