BU Video

This is a BU film we produced that communicates being set free from what the world tells you to be and then what you are in God. Watch it and let me know what you think.
This video was filmed in our loft in ATL before we moved out of the city. I wanted to create a really cool image of a women trying to work though all her ideas about God and wanting to hear his voice and finally giving her life in surrender to Christ. We create art in every form at BU. I hope this blesses your heart!
Here is a small collection of the wild looks I do at Beauty Unveiled Studios Photography. I have hundreds more you can check out if this is the style you want to go with at your next shoot. My passion is creating art with your beauty!
This is a deep chat video where I talk about what truly inspires all I do. The answer might surprise you. Watch and see XO
Know your worth ladies!!! I hope this inspires you.
I have this one video on youtube but I have thousands upon thousands of live talk though make up tutorials on the Beauty Unveiled Ladies lounge page – Facebook. Come join. More videos are coming to youtube.
Check out this BTS Mermaid shoot inspired with vintage glamour. Come join my ladies group to see hundreds more of these videos!
This is my nature of joy channel so you can check out my cabin morning and where the photography all takes place. This show the others side of all my glamour. I am a massive gardener as well.

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