Q & A

1. Where is Beauty Unveiled Studios located?

Beauty Unveiled Studios is located in West GA about 20 minutes past Six Flags on I-20

2. How long as Beauty Unveiled Studios been in business?

Beauty Unveiled Studios has been in business since January 2012.

3. What about outfits? What do I wear? Do you have anything that I can use?

There is a well stocked outfit and accessories wardrobe at Beauty Unveiled Studios that is available for the use of clients…but we always recommend that our clients bring outfits with them to the shoot that they feel particularly confident in and of which they love the way they look while wearing them.

4. I don’t know which package is right for me. How can I decide?

I love to talk to my clients on the phone to help them decide!

Call me at 678-361-6881 and we will discuss what you desire for your session and what your budget is to put you in the perfect package for you.

5. How do I book? How much is it to book? How do I pay the deposit? Can I do a payment plan?

You book by calling me at 678-361-6881 and you pick your date on my calendar. Then you pay a deposit of $199.00 to officially reserve your date.  This is not additional to your session. The deposit amount comes off your package price. (We accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal/Venmo/Cashapp) Once your deposit is paid you receive a prep packet via email  within a few days after booking with tons of information. If it works better for you to make payments prior to your session I am set up for that. I like to make it easy for my clients. As long as the balance is paid in full by your session date, that is all is required.

6. How long does it take to get my images back? How long is processing?

Beauty Unveiled Studios offers your photos back within 5-6 weeks after your session. You will come back to the studio to view your movie gallery with me. You can also view virtually if that works better for you. (You will get a brief look at your photos during your actual session).

Additional information:

* I also do location shoots where I will travel to different cities to shoot (this does require a travel fee which can be discussed at initial consultation).

*I do all the editing to make your photos exactly what you desire with different types of edits.  I love the editing process so much and I like to show you just how beautiful you are! I do skin retouching/lighting/removal of scars/ or any unwanted areas on your skin. I pose you and help you create the best photos by also displaying the person that you are. 


As women, we are made to live and feel beautiful both inside and out….EMBRACE IT!

CALL ME AT 678-361-6881

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