BU Weddings


That is how Jess and I feel every time a couple chooses us to photograph their special day. 

We have been photographing weddings for almost a decade now and it still never ceases to humble and bless us every time we get to literally stand near a bride and groom as they vow their lives unto one another and we get to be there to immortalize the moment through our art. 

There are a very few moments in life that should never be forgotten, moments that should be perfectly captured and forever preserved in beautiful visual artistry. 

That is the passion that drives Jess pics and I in all that we do on that special day when we get to forever be a part of a couples story. 

To see a husbands face light up, then tear up as his bride makes her way down the aisle towards him…

To see the fathers hand that only moments ago held his daughters hand-still held slightly open, though now empty as he trusts his daughter to her groom….

To see the bride blush with eager bliss as she recites her vows to her groom with an unbreakable smile across her lips which will soon be kissed for her first time as a married woman…

These are the moments we live for. 

These are the moments that make us all understand even just a small piece of what God meant when He dreamed up the concept of love and then lavishly poured it upon us all. 

These are the moments that we at Beauty Unveiled Studios will capture and immortalize forever for the bride and groom who themselves been captured in an immortal love.