Brand New Season Of BU-The Escape

The Escape

As we gathered speed down the on-ramp to I-20, and the city grew smaller in our rearview mirror…so to did its hold on us. We have been longing to escape the entanglement of the vines in the concrete jungle for some time, then in the aftermath of a bold leap of faith…the vines broke, and we were free.

Leaving the city behind was a step of brave hope and a daring expectation that we were going to a place where we could breathe easier, see more clearly, and create art with a wild abandon.

We found that place.

So come with us and see. Let the clear country air fill your lungs. Gaze upon a natural world uncorrupted by man-made structures.

Gaze into the horizon and see true beauty.

See yourself.

Beauty Unveiled Studios

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