Atlanta Glamour Sultry Day

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Atlanta Glamour Sultry Super Shoot Day

Thursday August 4th, 2018 

Call it destiny…or serendipity…or perhaps a divine plan, but August 4th 2018 at Beauty Unveiled Studios in Atlanta will go down as one of the most epic days in the history of our business. 


Simply because I had the opportunity to photograph multiple clients all in the same day and the results were magical! By the time the day was over, I had photographed seven amazing ladies who all came with their confidence in full gear ready to rock their shoots…and rock them they did! It’s extremely rare that I am able to work with so many ladies on one day…but I arranged for this cooperatively with my clients with the expressed intention of all feeding off of one another’s creative energy. We all had so much fun together as each woman brought her own unique sense of style and passion to the shoot, contributing to what ended up becoming a beautiful tapestry of poetic, visual artistry. 

The day ended up being about far more that just a photo shoot. We all laughed together, enjoyed wonderful conversations, shared ideas, and encouraged one another to become all that we are meant to be as individuals each with a special purpose and calling in our lives. I wanted to challenge myself creatively by taking on so many shoots all within one 12 hour period of time, and all right here at our studio in Little 5 points, Atlanta GA….and a challenge it was! 

So, the question you may be thinking of is: Was it worth it? To push yourself mentally, physically, creatively, even emotionally to such an extent? 

I will answer by encouraging you to check out the images and see what we all created together. I think the results speak for themselves. 

As I said, its very rare that I am able to work with so many of you all in one day…so I was extremely thankful for this opportunity. 

Muchas Gracias to you, my clients who enthusiastically agreed to do your session with me on this on special day. We all had such a good time together creating art and a set of memories that will last a lifetime! 

Love to you all! XoXoXo – This is just a sneak peek!! So much more coming each day!

-Jess2 nicole

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Hey amazing ladies ❤️❤️Thanks for checking out my about me page❤️I have so many interests and joys : I have a great passion for Jesus, Life, My Hubby,Marriage ,Love, art, life, gardening ,music , photography and encouraging women in all areas! That comes out and is displayed in my work at Beauty Unveiled Studios! I want to encourage women to step out and embrace the fun in beauty and glamour! I love to bring excitment in the area of your marriage and to give insightful life changing advice that has done amazing things in my life!

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