Why Boudoir Photography?


Why Boudoir Photography?

First things first…lets clarify what we mean when we use the word “boudoir”.

The word is French in origin and it simply means “a woman’s private bedroom”. It alludes to a very private, intimate place where a woman can escape from the demands and pressures of her daily routine. A “boudoir” is a place where a woman is free to be who she is in the ultimate and unhindered expression of her femininity.

Think about how it feels at the end of the day to go into your own private world and “disrobe” from your daily cares and responsibilities, and to slip into something a little more comfortable. I’m not only referring to a change of attire, but also to a change of mentality.

Boudoir is freedom.

Boudoir is release.

Boudoir is a sensual escape from all that the pressures that the world tries to pile on us to get us to forget who we are at the core of our being.

Boudoir is a place to reclaim the essence of beauty that all ladies hold within.

Why boudoir photography?

So why, for goodness sake, would any woman want to be photographed in such an intimate manner?

Photography has a way of capturing and immortalizing the image of the subject being photographed in one sense more than any of the other art forms.

In front of a camera and bathed in the glow of the lights, a woman can unleash the full expression of who she is as a beautiful woman. There is something about the photographic experience that stirs her to get in touch with her captivating femininity as she is displayed as a sublime work of art…even if no one else ever sees the images. She is still, in those moments, in touch with who she is…though the world would push her to forget. A boudoir photography experience forever immortalizes the woman in her most true, most wild, most free, most beautiful state, and afterwards….the images. She will always have the images.

Whether she enlarges them and mounts them in a frame on her wall, or presents them as a seductive gift for the one she loves, or perhaps she will keep them in a small book in the drawer on her night stand to pull out and look at often…just for her. She will always have the images.

She will always have boudoir.

-Jess K.

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  1. Melissa lundy

    I’m about to have my third shoot with Jessica,and have a fourth waiting.I do this for me.Its not just a shoot,it’s an experience. Jessica is an artist with a clairvoyant soul.She not only sees what we can’t see in ourselves but makes us ultimately see it.She is such a fun and kind person.I can honestly say I’ve never felt self conscious or silly in any of my shoots.Its definitely a gift you want to give to yourself.

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