The story Behind the Beautiful Brittny Moody


Thanks for checking out my work from the latest session with Brittny Moody- AKA- Awesome Bombshell!!! At our latest shoot we went for a bohemian outdoors look to bring in fall and then we also incorporated some traditional boudoir! I also jumped in on a couple shots with her while my hubby took the photos… he is amazing at what he does!!! I have an amazing story that touched my heart from this shoot and showed me that God was in it. We both knew Andy David of the Hood Street Arts Center and worked at his studio previously. The day before Andy Davis was in his accident he spoke to Brittny on the phone about a painting idea of using her in an Bohemian nature theme. I didn’t know that previously until  I set up this shoot with Brittny and she asked what theme I had in mind. I told her I wanted to do an outdoor Bohemian theme and she immediately responded and told me..”That is exactly what Andy wanted to do”. We were both touched by that and encouraged that this shoot was going to be meaningful and epic.



It was such an honor working with this bombshell for the fourth time! The above pictures are from her most recent session with Beauty Unveiled Studios.  I love showing my clients just how beautiful they truly are. Me and Brittny met at Sams Club when I noticed her amazing look and wanted to tell her about how beautiful she is.  After meeting at Sams, we didn’t connect to shoot till almost six months later. I knew she was something special and  I wanted to have the opportunity to show her that.


We also did a couple photo’s out of the box to show some diversity and to show my clients they need to be them, as different  and unique as they may be.


When we worked together for the first time it was just amazing!!! We connected and made such fun memories as well as art with my camera and her beauty! She let me be creative and put looks together that we loved. The first session I ever did with her was at Andy David Studios “Hood Street”. Andy was there and made it awesome and comfortable as he did every time. Check out the photos from her first session. I got to know her and to find out all the passions she has for make up/ movie making/drama and so much more!

The next session was a water theme with tons more options. At this session she let me create art with her unique look once again. I was so honored that she chose to work with me once again!

Our third shoot was a zombie pinup shoot that was inspired by a Zombie Pinup contest where we could get lots of exposure and win! Brittny is very gifted in so many ways and one of her passions is Zombie /Horror Make up. She did all the scary make up on both of us! That was such a fun day and through lots of work in the following weeks after we WON that contest with over 500 + Votes!


I wanted to share a Review from this amazing vixen and a video that shows her personality and all the fun we had!


I can’t express how thankful I am to Brittny for continuing to use Beauty Unveiled Studios Photography to further all of the incredible things she is doing with her life and future endeavors! From this working relationship we have became great friends and I cherish that.

Thanks to all of you for reading and sharing in my journey and all that we are doing at Beauty Unveiled Studios Photography!




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