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HELLLLOOOOO my Lovely Ladies!!!! So I have some exciting news to share….. First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you stunningly beautiful girlies! 2014 is going to be a great year for all of us! There are some VERY exciting things going on at Beauty Unveiled Studios! To start with…I have finished creating a new pricing structure for all of my Boudoir packages. I spent a lot of time over the last few months of 2013 talking about how the packages I had were not going to be available after the year ended. Well, the year ended and I have created an entirely new Boudoir package plan that I really feel works better for where Beauty Unveiled Studios is going in the years to come. There are Boudoir packages available that have been designed with everyone in mind, so whatever your budget is…I have a plan for you! xoxoxo I am planning to stick with this new Boudoir package structure for the next several years. On to other news.. (so excited!!!!) Beauty Unveiled Studios now has three new Glitter Glam backdrops!!! I cant wait to show you some sneak peeks of some of the pics taken utilizing these..they are absolutely STUNNING!! I also have a wide variety of beautiful and sexy new outfits, corsets, jewelry, props etc. that I have acquired (adding new things by the day)! REMEMBER: ALL of the Beauty Unveiled Boutique is available for ALL ladies who do a session with me. Nothing is off limits!!! Which brings me to another piece of VERY exciting news. For all you ladies with a bit of a wild/naughty side (and lets face it…we all have one-  New for 2014….Beauty Unveiled Studios has installed a high quality exotic dancer pole!!!!!!!!! That’s right…. it has been installed out in our gym in front of the big black backdrop!! I CANNOT WAIT to photograph you ladies unleashing your wild side on the pole and creating images that are sure to leave your man speechless and breathless, or do it just for you…cuz which of us hasn’t ever wanted to give something like that a try…at least once??? hehehe!! So there ya go! Just a brief summary of some of what you can expect from Beauty Unveiled Studios this year. head over to to check out the new Boudoir Packages and call me to book your session today. I truly do love ALL you ladies!!! When you come to Beauty Unveiled Studios…you are more than just my client, you become my friend!!! Lets make magic happen this year… I LOVE YOU ALL!! XOXOXOXOX -Jess

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