Blog~ Mellissa’s Boudoir Session 2013

Beauty Unveiled Studios

Mellissa’s session was done this February 6, 2013. We did the Session at her home! It was such an amazing, fun, relaxed, and Glamorous time! We Did all kinds of themes which you will see in this blog (Sneak Peak)! When i was done with her session i decided that i would strongly encourage in home sessions because of how they run so smoothly and the comfort they bring to my clients!

Mellissa has done a Boudoir session before with me and her pictures were displayed all over her bedroom! She made sweet notes and crafts for her husband involving her previous session! I think this is just awesome!!!!! Here are the pics in her bedroom! I snapped a few of them!





We started out the session with coffee and discussion about her outfits and themes! Then we started the make up and hair! Listening to girly sexy music to set the mood!!! I always make my ladies wait until i am done to let them see the results! I love for it to be a surprise!  I snapped a few shots of her reactions! I just love it!

IMG_2805 IMG_2797


Beauty Unveiled Studios

Here are just a few pictures from the session! It was a blessing to work with her! She is a Woman of God, Happy Wifey, Mother of two, Beautiful on the inside and out, ONE AMAZING WOMAN!!!!!!

IMG_2876 Beauty Unveiled Studios IMG_2836 IMG_3046 IMG_2968 IMG_3036 IMG_3008 ffIMG_2981 IMG_2933 Beauty Unveiled StudiosBeauty Unveiled Studios

I hope this encourages you to step out and do a session with me!!!!! God Bless- Jessica K

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