I am so Thankful :)

I just want to say …PRAISE GOD!!!! It’s because of my King that i have been successful at anything i have done….it’s because of him that i have had two sold out full days Boudoir Promo’s in the last two weeks…!!! There are so many talented and amazing photographers out there and the fact that people are booking with me…is something so humbling and exciting..( all i can do is praise)…..it… shows me that God is moving…it’s not just a business to me…or a hobby..it’s like a ministry as well..a way that i can encourage women..in who they are..in their marriages…to show them how God sees them so beautiful…to encourage girlyness…and to gain new friends…and shine bright for the Kingdom of God…….at the same time i can be a blessing to my incredibly hard working hubby who works so hard for his family….i get to add some sugar on top with my business….Thank you everyone who supports what i do..who have booked with me….I love you all more then you know!!!! I am doing all of this through Christ who gives me all inspirations and strength in all that i am!!!!!!- Jess

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